Here’s what people are saying about Michelle and her work:


“From the moment Michelle stepped on stage, I was intrigued to hear her story. It was powerful beyond belief and inspired me to never give up. She truly speaks from the heart, is raw, authentic and has a message that any woman or young girl will be inspired by. I sure was.” – Kim Fuller, Mindfulness Coach & TedX Speaker

“I was moved to tears…of joy. A beautiful lesson on how to love yourself no matter what has happened in your life. It’s about the power of self-love to heal and empower yourself.” – Dumari St. Angelo, Bestselling Author & Empowerment Coach

“She’s a phenomenal speaker, very engaging, draws you in.” – Dr. Michelle Lim, Chiropractor

“She’s called ‘The Blessings Butterfly for a reason- she (goes) around the world and blesses the hell out of everybody, myself included!” – Carrie Wright, Esthetician

“I am feeling empowered! If somebody in her situation can overcome and ‘slay her dragons’ then I absolutely can slay mine.” – Joan Deleskiewicz, Certified Health & Wellness Coach

“Do whatever you can to hear this extraordinary woman speak! …Simply incredible! …for her to conquer some of the worst things I’ve ever heard in my life and become who she is today is astonishing.” – Annie Vonheim, Founder, Smart Pressed Juice

Online Courses-

“Loved it!  Would definitely recommend. — I did not think I could change to have a more positive mindset; it turns out I can! — This has really changed the way I see affirmations.”~Nicole Lewis-Keeber, LCSW, Speaker, Trauma-Informed Business Therapy Coach

“I am really loving it! — Michelle has a wonderful teaching style, very engaging.— Definitely recommend.” ~Wanda Cox, Marketing Strategist

“Very helpful. — Maybe there really is hope for me! — I loved it and would definitely recommend!” ~Eileen Kropf, First Aid Instructor

Personal Coaching-

“Michelle is very effective as a coach. She is incredibly compassionate and intuitive and coaches from a heart centered place. Michelle is a very good listener and really knows how to guide her clients to gain clarity and focus. During the time that we worked together, I was able to break through some challenging mental fog as she guided me towards the exact right next steps to take. I am grateful for her leadership.” -Cathy Gooden, Life Coach