Staying Positive While Feeling All the Feelings

Do you ever sometimes think that if you aren’t laughing through difficult circumstances and challenging moments that you are somehow doing it wrong?  I mean, you are pretty much a superwoman as it is, so shouldn’t you be able to handle every single setback with perfect grace and a smile on your face?

the blessings butterfly
Um, hell no.

Let’s talk about being authentic. Hear me, you badass warrior princess, you are 100% allowed to feel ALL of your feelings. Including Frustration. Anger. Disappointment. Sadness. And yes, even Fear. You get to feel these without apology and you don’t have to pretend that experiencing them makes you somehow less than. Because you know what?  This is real life, and real life is sometimes messy.

Yes! Sometimes you do absolutely nail it. Your heart and mind are perfectly aligned, you are totally dialed in to your emotions, and nothing that happens externally causes you to lose your sense of bliss, calm and confidence that life is supporting you in every way.  Go Girl!

And in the moments that seem overwhelming, don’t let yourself be shamed by having messy feelings. In those moments, remember that the most positive thing you can do is just be real.  Feel all the feelings, without judgement, knowing that you are strong as hell and you will regroup and get through this.