Sending Love is Always Worthwhile. ❤🦋

You might not have all of the answers when facing life’s hard questions. You will not always know the perfect thing to say when someone you care about is grieving.

You are going to find yourself in situations sometimes when you feel utterly powerless to make a difference, but trust me, dear one, there is always Love and it is always needed.

You have the power in the depths of your heart to send Love… so don’t hold back! 

I invite you to take a meditative moment now to imagine yourself sending waves and waves of Love to the people immediately around you, and then extend a ripple of Love out as far as you can imagine.  Send it out with no strings attached, with no need for it to return to you.

During your meditation, there will likely be resistance that pops up: “ok but Not to ______, though! He’s/She’s an asshole!” Guess what? That person needs you to send them a double dose or more. Remember, you don’t need the Love you send out to come back to you. It will anyway, but maybe not from the people you imagine.  Go ahead and send it freely. Sending Love is Always Worthwhile. ❤🦋


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