#MondayMantra I Protect My Energy 

inner peace

There are times along your path when you may feel the need to “bubble up” to insulate yourself against prolonged encounters with negativity. Whether it’s fulfilling an obligation to attend a social engagement where you know Debbie Downer is going to be, or spending time with challenging family members, or facing an especially difficult client, You want to protect your energy from being completely drained at the end of the day and still allow yourself to grow and to shine.

A dear friend and former colleague taught me this powerful visualization trick that you can use: Picture yourself surrounded in a clear bubble, and this bubble doesn’t allow negative energy to pass through it. Wear your bubble like invisible armor whenever you need to feel protective of your energy. 

Today’s mantra can also help: “I protect my energy against excessive negativity, and I give myself time & space to recharge.”