Please Stop Killing Each Other.

Can we all please just STOP with the constant killing each other?

Bad cops killing citizens, Bad citizens killing cops, and round and round we go.

Bad citizens killing innocent citizens in mass shootings.

People being profiled & violently targeted for their skin color, religious beliefs or sexual identity.

Terrorist militants killing innocent civilians. ENOUGH ALREADY

I don’t know all the facts, but I do know this: It’s NOT ok. It has to STOP.

Can we please create a space of peace and love for life? Can we build bridges of tolerance and understanding instead of walls of fear?
Some will say I’m too emotional, too soft; that I don’t understand, that I’m too white or too female or too whatever to have an opinion on this. Okay. Yes- I’m a soft, emotional, white American female, and I’m strong as hell.

I will never give up hope, and I will continue to use my voice to uplift others, empower women, encourage goodness and spread peace. I will look for and create opportunities to love others daily whatever their color, gender, religion, sexuality, politics, age, weight, sports team or favorite breakfast cereal. I will never stop caring about life and the freedom to live the life you choose in peace & safety, because THAT is what matters. It matters for all of us. ❤️