#MondayMantra I Welcome More Love Into My Life

#MondayMantra I Welcome More Love Into My Life, The Blessings Butterfly

I’m writing this message for today lying in bed, the ocean gently rocking our cruise ship and lulling my sweetheart to sleep beside me.  I sometimes cannot believe that this is my life now, and yet it’s the love & life I had always dreamed of.

Yesterday, he surprised me with a dozen perfect, gorgeous red roses delivered to our state room. Today, he surprised me with a bottle of Dom Perignon, chocolate dipped strawberries, and a chocolate mousse cake. Tomorrow, we are taking a private speed boat that he chartered for us from St. Thomas USVI and spending the day enjoying the incredible beauty of the tropics. Because Love.

You deserve to have Love in your life, in whatever way feels good and right and impossibly perfect to you.  Open your heart to welcome more Love into your life and see what happens.

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