#MondayMantra I Am Not Giving Up!

No life is immune to facing tough experiences and hard days. It’s the stuff that strips away our bullshit and allows us to refocus on what truly matters: Love. Kindness. Caring. Strength of Character. Honesty. Compassion. Trust.

It’s okay to acknowledge that some days are harder than others, and if you are having a particularly hard day it’s okay to be gentle with yourself.

Whatever hard things you are facing today, my friend, please don’t give up. Reassess, yes. Regroup, yes. Relax & Recharge, yes!  But never, ever give up on yourself.  Reach out and know that your tribe is ready to support you and help you through the rough patches, but you must not give up.  Dig deeper, find your strength because you’re not finished yet dear one!

Today’s Mantra: Some days are harder than others but I am not giving up. I am not giving up!