#MondayMantra I am a Blessed & Grateful Mother

Mothers come in many different packages, and you don’t have to give birth to be a mother. I did, so this is part of my story. 

Without question, being a parent has been the hardest yet most important job I’ve ever done. 
Like most people, I had NO FRIGGIN CLUE what I was doing. Some days I still don’t!

I was super excited to be a mom, even though I was not in a good or stable environment at the time. I knew that the tiny human inside me was going to change my life in a profound way- and he did. Oh boy, did he ever!

He taught me how to be fierce and be a fighter. He taught me how to face my fears and kick them to the curb. He taught me how to do whatever was necessary to survive, to protect, to learn & grow. He taught me how to sacrifice and give everything- not just willingly, but joyfully. He taught me how to really cry, how to belly laugh, and how to heal the most broken of hearts. He taught me how to ask for help, and how to offer a hand to others.

Nearly 29 years later, he still teaches me. Yesterday he taught me how to cry tears of gratitude and joy in the middle of a carnival at the park when he handed me this card and said, “Happy Mothers Day. I love you, Mom.”

Yes. I am blessed & grateful today, and every day.