Mini Meditation for Stress Relief

Loves, I hope you will be blessed by my Mini Meditation for you! You can take this mindful break just about anywhere when you need to relieve some stressful emotions and find peace. Note: This first appeared back in July, but I think it can be a blessing to you again today.


Pause. Deep breath, slowly release. Assign a color, shape, or name to the feeling of anxiety that is stressing you out. Deep breath, slowly release. Do not judge this feeling, simply see it. Deep breath, slowly release. Visualize your anxious feeling next to a door. What does it do? Observe it calmly and without judgement. Deep breath, slowly release. Invite your feeling to open the door, where it may now step outside into a beautiful scenery. Go with it. Observe. Reflect, release. Deep breath, slowly release. Visualize yourself surrounded in warm, golden light, and now slowly, gently return to your consciousness. Breathe, stretch, smile! Welcome back!

Once you’ve completed your mini meditation, you may have received a message from your highest self or spiritual guides. (It’s okay if you didn’t) Pay attention to this wisdom, it will serve you well.

Did you enjoy this exercise? Let me know, I love to hear from you. Peace & Blessings~ Michelle 💖🦋