You may or may not be a Mother. (Hint: Giving birth is not the only qualification.)

You may or may not always have a positive relationship with the woman, or women, who play/played the role of Mother in your own life. (Hint: Humans are notoriously flawed and complex beings.)

You may be missing your Mom, or celebrating your Mom, or avoiding your Mom. You may be desperately wishing you were someone’s Mom, or wishing for just a moment that you weren’t. You may be wishing you were better equipped, better prepared, better suited, just better at this Mom thing. I know that I’ve done all of these and more, for better or worse, over the years. Here’s what I’ve learned (so far):

  • Mothers are superheroes 
  • Mothers are not superheroes 
  • Mothers are their own harshest critic 
  • Mothers know when they’ve fucked up, and hope they will someday be forgiven 
  • Mothers are experts at saving face
  • Mothers are brave
  • Mothers are scared 
  • Mothers care about everything 
  • Mothers are loving & nurturing 
  • Mothers are tough & fierce 
  • Mothers give generously 
  • Mothers scrimp & save
  • Mothers know
  • Mothers wish they knew
  • Mothers are protective, sometimes overly so
  • Mothers want the best- for you, and for all- and will actively lobby for it
  • Mothers mean well even when they totally miss the mark
  • Mothers love you even when they don’t like you
  • Mothers will do whatever they feel is necessary to teach, guide, and care for you
  • Mothers drive you crazy, break your heart, and still manage to make you a better person 
  • Mothers come into our lives, shaping us from our first breath and throughout our journey 

Mothers are not just those who share of our bloodline, thankfully- because no single human can ever embody the infinite and perfect Mother; this powerful teacher, this Divine Feminine energy lovingly manifests itself in each and every woman we encounter, however briefly we may know her. Her job is to teach us to see the Perfect Mother within ourselves, so that we may extend that unconditional love and nurturing to every being on our path. Every human. Every animal. Every broken thing.