#FridayFeels Sunny & Bright

Friday = FriYAY!

It’s a gorgeous Friday here in SoCal, I’m on the right side of the dirt, and I am genuinely excited to be alive. I woke up this morning to clear, blue skies and cool, calm air. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and though the bed is oh-so-comfy all I want to do is get UP and drink in the day. I want to move my body and stimulate my brain. I want to expand my mind with BIG dreams and fill my heart with overflowing love. I want to LIVE, and I am grateful for the chance of experiencing this day.


Problems? Of course, everyone has problems to solve. Truth be told, some days are really fucking hard. I don’t take that lightly- and to anyone reading this who is feeling overwhelmed with their current struggle, I’m sending you my Love and Strength and a reminder that you are not alone. Reach out to your support system, even if that is just one person who gets you. Let them share your burden for just a moment, sweet soul. Allow those who care for you to be Light to you when you need it the most (you know you’d do it for them).


Whenever you have the opportunity, step out and shine. Shine your brightest light of Love and Hope, be a beacon of Joy. Delight in all of your abilities, including your ability to learn and grow and change. Let your sunny disposition envelope those in your path with positivity, because you just never know how much they need to see the Good in people today.