#FridayFeels: Free!

#FridayFeels FREE! The Blessings Butterfly

What would you do with a free day? Imagine what your day might look like if you suddenly didn’t have to do anything that was previously expected of you.

Delicious, right? 24 hours of 100% YOUR CHOICE. 

the blessings butterfly

PCH nearly sunset, palm trees, Pacific Ocean looking like glass.

I found myself today with just such an opportunity, and I’m using it to catch up on some of the things I’ve been meaning to do but haven’t carved time out for.

It’s barely afternoon and I already feel like I’ve accomplished a week’s worth of stuff. Drop off watch for engraving? Check. Schedule plumbers? Check. Grocery shopping (Amazon Fresh for the win!) – check! Watch the replays of all the training & coaching videos that I missed in the past month? Big Fat Mutha F*ckin’ CHECK! 

What would you do with it? All the things? Nothing? No wrong answers here, friend. Just make it happen! 

#FridayFeels FREE! The Blessings Butterfly

#FridayFeels FREE!

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