#FridayFeels Bittersweet 



Safety Nets/The Great Unknown 

Jobs end. Addresses change. Relationships shift. Lives evolve. We know that the only constant in Life is change, and even when we see it coming and look forward with great anticipation, still it feels like a shock to the system when the status quo we have known for so long is no longer so. Bittersweet.

Today, if you are experiencing a great change of direction on your own path, know that you are not alone. Feel all of your feelings, don’t avoid them. Roll and flow with them, ride them like the mighty waves that they are, let them wash over you and cleanse you. Soak in the full experience of Goodbye, of Hello, of Ending, of Beginning. Recall that you’ve been here before, at this exact place of What’s Next and I Don’t Know, and that you figured it out just fine before. How you choose to move forward from here is up to you: Graceful swan dive, or Cannonball? Tiptoe, Waltz, or SMASH THROUGH WALL LIKE HEY KOOL-AID? 

It’s OK, Darling. You have all that you need to take the next step, Love, so jump in. Your entrance through the newly opened door can be as elegant and grand as you choose, so make a splash or send a ripple. You’ve got this.