#FridayFeels Anything is Possible

If you’ve known me for more than a minute or have been following me for a while, you know that I am a pretty open and positive person. 

Sure, I have my up days and down days because, well, sometimes shitty things happen. I don’t try to hide the times I’m struggling or ignore things about society that bum me out. I believe that honestly sharing the journey is an important part of my story.

Some days, however, I feel a stronger sense of that anything is possible optimism and a surge of positivity that I can’t contain.  It comes bubbling up out of my heart and makes me incredibly happy. It’s my superpower!  And all I want to do is share it with you.

Today I hope that you will look around and embrace the possibilities of creating a more positive, more peaceful, more joyful life. Create for yourself a life that you LOVE.  It’s all possible, you only have to be open to it. 

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I made this cute little video for you. It is best viewed full screen and sound on. Enjoy!