Why Do I Even Bother to Vote?

Why do I VOTE? 💖🦋

I vote in honor of My foremothers and yours.

I vote in hopes for a more positive, inclusive, tolerant, compassionate, healthy, safe, resourceful, loving future for myself and our children and the planet we all share.

I vote for life and for choice, for women and for people of color, for refugees and the poor, for equality and justice for all.

I vote to end racism and white supremacy and nationalism.

I vote for Love.

I vote for human rights regardless of what color skin or gender that human is wrapped in.

I vote for my ideals, and when I am done casting my vote- I act to create the necessary changes in myself (heart first) that will bring about the change I wish to see in the world.

Why do I even bother to vote, you ask? Because complacency changes nothing.

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