What’s the Job for Today?

A week ago, this is what our house looked like. The week before that, a concrete slab. This week more and more is being done, and we’re planning to stop by the building site over the weekend to see what is new. So exciting!

It’s not so different from building a new life for yourself. You create a plan, set it in motion, and get to work. Some of the phases move quickly and you see lots of progress! Bustling with energy! Super exciting!

Other phases are less active, less glamorous, less visible- but you’d best believe they are just as important and vital to creating the new life that you want.

So go ahead and celebrate along the way, share your visible transformational steps! Instagram that shit! But don’t skip the other steps, the harder steps, the quieter steps, the not-so-glamorous steps. Do the work, every single day- whatever the job is for today, do it. Even if it isn’t “Instagram worthy” do it.

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