Treasure Hunt

I’ve always been fascinated with treasure hunting, how about you? When I was little, I used to paint rocks in glitter and gold, bury them in my front yard, create an elaborate map (complete with burnt edges to make it look cool and really old) and gather a couple of the younger kids on my block to go find the buried treasure. They loved it, and it was such fun for me, too!

On my most recent international adventure, I did a grown up version of this by blessing and hiding these tokens on a tiny island in the middle of a beautiful lake. Each letter corresponds to someone special in my life; I told them where to look, sent them a “clue” by taking a picture of the hiding place, and let them know that they are special to me & I was thinking of them. See, the treasure is not so much about them finding the token, but in their beautiful journey to finding someplace amazing.

What are the treasures you are searching for? Is it improved confidence, courage to take a big leap, cultivating positivity or discovering how to radically love yourself & create space for more Love in your life? If you need some help figuring out the clues on your personal road map, I am your girl. Call me for a free consultation and let’s see if I can be a personal empowerment guide for you on this next leg of your journey.

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