Thoughts on Faith

BACON? Nope. It’s a beautiful section of marbled stonework inside of St. Mark’s Basilica, Piazza San Marco, Venice Italy.

I found myself weirdly, simultaneously awestruck & kinda grossed out by the mind-boggling level of artistry and over-the-top display of riches throughout the sacred site. Reverent & Judgemental, Humbled & Indignant, Leaning in breathlessly & achingly Repulsed. And so goes my on-again, off-again, Hot/Cold relationship with all things Religion. (It’s not you, it’s me. And maybe also a little bit you.)

Religion to me always seems to feel forced, coercive, deceptive, manipulative, Dark, violent, misguided and fake. All showy and opulent and disconnected and so, so cold.

Faith, though, that’s something altogether different. That is, to me, a deeply personal connection to Spirit, to Love, to Light-as well as to all manner of suffering. Faith, or Spirituality, takes the view of all of Life as sacred and perfect and beautiful, without malice or judgement. It takes every mistake and covers it in Grace, every hurt and bathes it in Forgiveness, every brokenness and wraps it in Compassion. It doesn’t need to argue about who’s right and who’s wrong, it just LOVES.

Please don’t get me wrong- I absolutely LOVED seeing this cathedral and truly marvel at the beautiful artwork displayed throughout. Pictures just don’t do it justice. I just could use a little more Faith to move through this life, how about you? 💖🦋

Atop the loggia at St Mark’s in Venice, chillin’ with the 4 Horses

Nice Knockers

A peek inside before noticing the no cameras sign[/caption]

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