The Self-Care Sessions: Part 4- DEAR HEART

Next up in my series of gentle meditations for/prayers to my Body, I spent some time soothing the wounds of my heart.

“Dear Heart, Thank You for being soft and open, again and again. Please forgive me for trusting you to people who weren’t ready for you. Let’s find another soul to Love. I love you.”

I keep doing my work to heal the wounds inside, and remove the blocks as they surface, because the reason I am on this planet is to be a living expression of Love and experience that Love in all its fullness.

Five years ago, my heart was almost completely closed off to romantic love. It had been betrayed and broken so many times, and had grown weary and fearful. I had all but given up, and decided to take one more chance. I took a crazy chance on this sweet, kind, funny, handsome young man who turned out to be the man who would gladly hold my heart in the greatest & most tender care.

Our relationship raised a few eyebrows at first (being unconventional tends to do that). But what began as an unlikely, impractical attraction quickly grew into a Love that is deep and true and so very, very Real. I am amazed and grateful every day at the joy we share and the ease and beauty of our Love together.

It is possible to heal the wounds of the heart. It is possible to open yourself to receive all kinds of healthy Love in your life. It is possible to honor your heart for the pain it went through, and when you are ready, allow it to experience & express Love and Joy again.

I so dearly wish that for you, and if you are in need of someone to guide you through this powerful step of your healing journey, please reach out to me. Schedule a free consultation today.