Rad Recipes: Sionann’s Turmeric Latte

My friend Sionann shared a fun little recipe for a turmeric latte that is earthy, robust, and not-the-same-old-coffee drink. The exotic taste and scent of the turmeric (the magical Indian spice found in curry) is a tasty twist and packs a powerful punch of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. There are some studies that suggest turmeric is helpful in relieving upset stomach, osteoarthritis pain, with possible links to suppressing the growth of fat tissue. (However- if you have gallbladder issues such as stones, bleeding disorders, iron deficiency, hormone-sensitive conditions, or are pregnant you should avoid medicinal quantities of turmeric according to the NIH.)

Here’s her recipe:

“I’m sharing something I indulged in yesterday. I tweaked it a titch and guessed the proportions used, so you may wanna tweak it to your likings as well. It’s an earthy feel. This is my version of a turmeric latte:

Ingredients: 12 oz organic hemp milk

1 tsp organic turmeric pwd

1/2 tsp organic ginger pwd

1 dropper full liquid stevia

Cinnamon powder

Instructions: Place small pan on stove top. Add milk, turmeric, ginger, and stevia. Turn flame in lowest setting. Heat til only comfortably warm (don’t heat hot, or nutrients will be destroyed). Use a small whisk to blend ingredients. (Or use a hand held blender to whip it up all foamy). Pour into mug and sprinkle cinnamon in top. Sit, relax, and enjoy slowly.” ~Sionann