Rad Recipes: Summer-y Wine Spritzer

I am a big fan of wine.  Some days, however, I just want something a little lighter, a little juicier, a little more like a glass of when-I-was-a-little-girl-on-summer-break punch.  Except, with a bit of… punch to it.  Not quite as sweet or heavy in my mouth as a Sangria (also it’s been a long day and I don’t feel like cutting up fresh fruit tonight). Enter the Summer-y Wine Spritzer!  Simple. Tasty. Girly. Perfect!

In the name of research, I tried a few different combos.  BECAUSE I CARE.  <3  I have a version for reds and version for whites, but I especially enjoyed this blend of Pinot Noir + Blackberry Sparkling Water.  Cheers!

Swirl together gently in your favorite goblet and Enjoy!  Cheers!

Wanna see the research video for this one? Click Here!