Online Courses: Cultivating (Transformational) Positivity

Are you ready to harness the Power of Transformational Positivity?

More and more often, I talk to people all over the world who want to know WHY I always seem so happy and HOW they can be more positive. In fact, so many people have asked me these things over the years that I created this course to help.

How to Cultivate Positivity with 4 Simple Tools.

Hey Friend, I want you to know that the Power of Transformational Positivity can be yours!

Studies from Harvard, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and The Mayo Clinic have all shown that people who possess a positive mindset are more likely to live longer, happier, and healthier livesincluding a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, lower rates of depression, a stronger immune system, and reduced stress levels.

The really good news is that this is NOT just for naturally sunny, glass-half-full Optimists. With a little training and some work, anyone can learn to Cultivate their Positivity in order to develop a more positive outlook.

My newest course, How to Cultivate Positivity with 4 Simple Tools is right for you if any of these are true:

  • You want to learn how to have a more positive mindset

  • You want to feel more peace, calm, and self-control

  • You want to develop your natural ability to live your best life

  • You want to experience more joy and more fun on a regular basis

  • You want to learn tools to help overcome limiting beliefs

  • You are tired of having a negative attitude that keeps you feeling stuck and want to experience transformation

Join me for this Introductory Level course as I introduce you to 4 powerful practices that can help you create a more positive mindset and outlook. This isn’t a secret formula that magically erases everything negative from your life; it’s a proven collection of powerful tools and helpful resources that can help you to take control of your mindset and live a more positive life.  Enroll Now

REVIEWS ARE ROLLING IN! In addition to calling it “high quality” and “excellent value,” Here’s what people are saying about this course:

“Loved it!  Would definitely recommend. — “I did not think I could change to have a more positive mindset; it turns out I can! — This has really changed the way I see affirmations.”~Nicole

“I am really loving it! — Michelle has a wonderful teaching style, very engaging.— Definitely recommend.” ~Wanda

“Very helpful. — Maybe there really is hope for me! — I loved it and would definitely recommend!” ~Eileen

For years, I used to struggle with a defensive mentality that kept me in a sort of “negative loop” or a string of bad luck. It seemed like I was just moving from one crappy situation to another, over and over and over. Bad jobs. Toxic relationships. Self-destructive behavior. It was exhausting- and depressing! I had even convinced myself that I would never have a better life, and that maybe I didn’t even really deserve one. Honestly, I was barely getting by and each day felt like a struggle.

Then, something changed. I decided to invest in myself, and gifted myself with some therapy to start the work on deep healing my old soul wounds. Doing your work is key! It is what unlocked a new world of truly transformational positivity for me.

I started to believe in the possibility of hope- not just for the lucky few, but for me, too.

Next, I began to study mindset, meditation, and the healing power of positive affirmations. The more I learned, the more my energy, outlook, and outcomes shifted- I started seeing positive results in my life, in every area that I applied these positivity techniques to. It started with little things, then slowly grew to cover every area of my life.

It’s been a total transformation that started over 5 years ago, and has been the result of me doing the work in therapy and by practicing some simple Positivity mindset techniques at home, including: Gratitude, Affirmation, Santosha, and Vision Casting/Dreamwork- the same techniques that I teach in this class.

This course covers the 4 simple techniques that helped me make the necessary shifts to create and sustain a positive lifestyle. I want to share them with you. Over the course of 4 easy-to-follow sessions, I will teach you how to:

  • Develop a practice of Daily Positive Affirmations (and why they matter)

  • Carve out time for yourself to Reflect & Recharge (and how important this is)

  • Look for the good things in each day (and be able to see goodness again)

  • Move forward with more hope & gratitude (and feel lighter & less burdened as a result)

This is a great opportunity for you to work at your own pace and at a price that is easily affordable.  REGISTER NOW

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Get in today for the low price of $47 to the course people are calling “High Quality” — “Very Helpful” — “Excellent Value” and treat yourself to a more positive mindset!