Mindful Mantras

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Be Blessed, Loves~

#MondayMantra I Welcome More Love Into My Life, The Blessings Butterfly

Today I choose Gratitude.

I am a Warrior and I choose Love.

I am Strong!

I make time for what is important to me

I am Kind to myself

I will decide what is best for me. I make great choices.

I am kind ro animals and I take care of the world around me.

I bekieve in my dreams and I will follow my heart.

Take a leap of faith in yourself.

Today is a great day to believe in myself.

I am ready for the next level

Today I will face my fears and kick ass.

I am willing to grow and renew.

I have fun every Today.

When I am true to myself, all is well.

I am ready to make some big changes in order to be my happiest self.

You are already enough. Believe in You!

I face my fears and follow my dreams.

I embrace my vision of a bright future and it is so!

It is my choice, and I choose Love.

I feelings are valid, even when they are unpleasant. I will speak my truth, because I need to hear it.

I love my life.

Today I feel so good!

I am unlimited in my potential.

Yes I freaking can.

Today is going to be an awesome day.

My life is full of love and joy.

Some days are harder than others but I am not giving up. I am not giving up!

I am choosing to be Joyful.

I allow things to be easy.

I will live today in full color.

I am open to receive

I am filled with positive energy.

Today I will stand in my power.

I am a dreamer of beautiful dreams.

I eliminate my limitations.

Is this what Love looks like?

I am a Warrior and I choose Love.

Today I choose Gratitude.

I am creating a beautiful life.

Pray first for Peace, then practice living peacefully.