Love Notes

My fiancé and I don’t plan to have any kids together by mutual choice (I am a 1-and-done momma of a grown ass man, thank you very much).

We don’t have pets (he’s terribly allergic, and when my last two kitties finally crossed the rainbow bridge, I needed a break. Also we travel ALOT).

What we do have is an abundance of stuffed animals, some from childhood but mostly collected from our 6 years of dating. Some are tiny. Some are HUGE. Some help us sleep. Some help us manage days when our hearts are broken open (death of a family member or friend, empathy for suffering around the world). Some travel with us on our global adventures. All of them make us smile, and yes they spark our joy (thanks @mariekondo we 💖 you!)

Almost every day, I find one or more of these fluffies placed on my desk when I get up in the morning to work. Like a little helper, but really just a tender reminder, an unwritten love-note that I am seen, valued, and so deeply loved. 💖🦋

What little tokens of affection do you share with your favorite people? #theblessingsbutterfly #lovenotes #positivity #love #lovestories