Lessons from the Kitchen

One of my favorite things about our new house (besides everything!) is the luxury of having a nice big open kitchen. I LOVE to cook, and bake, and get creative with food. The washing and chopping is a Meditation. The interplay of textures and flavors is Alchemy. The successes are glorious, and failures? Often quite spectacular.

Sometimes, still, though not nearly as often as when I first started cooking as a young girl- my culinary disasters are so embarrassing that I cry and rage and sulk, angrily dumping the mess in the trash with SUCH scorn for the foods that refused to play nicely with one another, dramatically swearing off that meal “FOREVER” (passion is a double-edged sword, y’all). But rarely do I not come back to them to try again, twisting and tweaking the ratios until I achieve the results I am looking for.

The life lessons are pretty obvious, right? I hate to suck at anything, though there’s plenty of things that I have not mastered. If it’s interesting to me, and I really want to learn it, I need to be OK with sucking at first. OK with being embarrassed at how little I know about it. OK with feeling the failure, deeply. OK with even walking away from it, feeling shitty for awhile, and then picking myself up, dusting myself off, and getting back to the business of learning something new. Maybe even mastering it.

What’s cooking in your life today? I’m making fresh salsa and figuring out my shit. 💖🦋

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