In the Spirit of Being Adventurous


This week I’ve been focusing on loving my adventurous spirit and letting her out to play a bit more.  I chose this focus because at the end of this week… I am leaving for a special adventure with my Love, and fulfilling my life-long dream of going on a CARIBBEAN CRUISE!

I will see snippets of some of the most beautiful places on earth!

I will enjoy incredible food!

I will dress up all fancy-schmancy (at least twice!)

I will experience amazing natural highs while interacting with stingrays, zip-lining at crazy-fast speeds, and more!

I will experience different cultures, albeit somewhat sanitized and tourist-friendly versions! The majority of my world travel up to this point has been humanitarian based, and I’ve loved it, but I am also (finally!) OK with allowing myself to enjoy something different without feeling guilty. Which leads me to…

I will allow myself to enjoy luxury!  This is huge because it’s not something I’ve ever felt comfortable with.

It’s all extra-exciting for me because not only do I get to do something I’ve absolutely always wanted to do, but I get to share the adventure with the love of my life and some great friends too!  I. Can. Not. WAIT!

Let YOUR spirit of adventure out to play and see where it takes you. Life’s short, get out and LIVE IT!