be here now

Mantra: Be Here Now

My friend Mikey and I used to share the phrase “be here now” with each other as a gentle reminder to focus on the Now instead of getting swept up in rehashing the Past, or paralyzed by fearing the what-if’s of the Future.

Just Be Present.

Just Be Here Now.

If even for just that moment of looking at a text message sent from a friend, we could push pause and put the chaos at bay, no matter where we were at or what was going on around us.  And if I recall well, there was quite a lot of turmoil in both of our lives around that time: rocky romantic relationships, strained friendships, people moving away, job/money drama, family members sick and dying. Real Life stuff that generally sucks and can be emotionally draining.

Be Here Now.

It was those three simple, profound words that led me to begin a deeper practice of mindfulness. I began a practice of weeding out the corrosive, the non-productive, the ill-fitting, the exhausting and the draining.

I made room in my mind and my heart for the healing, for the flourishing, the fabulous, the exhilarating and the nourishing to fill my life instead.

Those three mighty words created a shift in me to this day. They gave me a rich soil to grow my roots deep within.  How marvelous to simply be here now.