A Love Letter to My Body

Earlier this morning, a lovely meme (Artwork credited to Emily Balivet) popped up in my news feed that made me immediately take notice. It was from a challenge originally posted in the (amazing) Wild Woman Sisterhood‘s Facebook page and it looked like this: 12143176_533130846836504_2344313503734731767_nI am Intrigued. This idea of loving my body still feels very new and foreign and a tiny bit uncomfortable to me… a.k.a., PERFECT!  And so, here it is. A Love Letter to My Body:

Dear Body,

I hope this isn’t too weird or uncomfortable for you, but I need to tell you a few things today. It’s really important.

I need to tell you that I love you.  All of you, exactly as you are. I know that you don’t hear these words enough, and too often you go through day after day feeling as though you aren’t good enough. But you absolutely are! 

I know that there have been times- too many times- that I’ve criticized you. I’ve said some awful things to you, and treated you very, very poorly. I am so sorry for every time I’ve hurt you. I’m so sorry for every cruel and thoughtless word I’ve hurled at you out of my own fear and frustration.

It’s not your fault. It has never been your fault.

We have been together for over 5 decades, and no matter what, you have never let me down. I wish that I could say the same to you, because I am so truly grateful for every day we’ve had together. Sorry is not enough, but I hope that you will accept it as a start. A new beginning. 

I vow from this moment forward:

to be kind & gentle,

to treat you with respect,

to give you new and exciting challenges,

to indulge you in freedom, creativity, and joy, and

to bless you with delicious nourishment and deep, peaceful rest.

You’re Amazing. You’re Beautiful. You’re Strong. You’re Delicate. I mean, honestly, you’re incredible! I love every muscle, every curve, every freckle and mole, every ounce of fat. I love your creamy white skin and your blonde hair, and the gray and white hairs too. I love your wrinkles around your eyes and the creases that frame your big, goofy smile. I love your funny front teeth. I love your scars, and the bones that have healed. I love your weird allergy to Lavender and your discomfort when you try to digest onions. (I won’t give you any more onions.)

I love that you have never stopped learning from our mistakes.

I love that you are never afraid to laugh out loud.

I love that you carried an amazing human to term and gave me a son to be so proud of.

I love that you have a heart that, no matter how many times it has been broken, you seem to put it back together and welcome the opportunity to feel despite the fear, to give and receive Love again.

I Love You. Thank you for loving me too.

Today, I am choosing to let go of the pointless, useless activity of Body Shaming. I hope you will choose to do the same. Namaste <3