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Slaying the Shame Dragon-- Cultivating Positivity-- Embracing Radical Self-Love

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go all in on being fully you

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“You are the SHero you’ve been waiting for.”


Welcome! I’m so glad you are here. Every day, we have the power to use our words in such a way that either builds up or tears down. I am inviting you to say YES to changing the negative ways of seeing yourself, and instead live the rest of your life standing in your power and guided by Love.

Hey Friend, I want you to know that the Power of Transformational Positivity can be yours!

Studies from Harvard, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and The Mayo Clinic have all shown that people who possess a positive mindset are more likely to live longer, happier, and healthier livesincluding a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, lower rates of depression, a stronger immune system, and reduced stress levels.

The really good news is that this is NOT just for naturally sunny, glass-half-full Optimists. With a little training and some work, anyone can learn to Cultivate their Positivity in order to develop a more positive outlook.

My name is Michelle Lewis. You may know me as “The Blessings Butterfly.” I’m a writer, author, speaker, podcaster, Empowerment teacher, and yes- I am a Master of Positivity! Though most people would consider me to be a “natural optimist” with a sunny personality, they may not be aware that I struggled for years with insecurity, anxiety, and a period of soul-crushing depression. In fact, I lived 95% of my life suffocating in deep shame.

Before I learned how to practice and develop a more positive mindset, I would find myself frequently sabotaging good relationships, attracting negative or destructive people into my life, and repeating the same old mistakes over and over. I had got myself stuck in a story in which I lacked worth, and in which bad things happened to me more frequently than good things. It wasn’t until I began to work with a great therapist that I started to see that I have a LOT more control over my life than I once believed.

Armed with just a few simple tools and a desire to change my story & heal what had been broken, I learned how to allow more positive people into my life- including wise teachers, healers, and guides who helped me to discover the power inside me to cultivate my own positivity and start creating a happier, healthier life for myself- the kind of life that I always dreamed about. Now that I have mastered these tools, I love to share them with people just like you. 



Inspirational & Motivational Speaking:

When you are looking for a dynamic, engaging, passionate speaker for your next event, book Michelle Lewis. Michelle is ideal for sharing one of her empowering talks with: Women’s Groups, Girls/Teens, Retreats, Conferences, Workshops, Breakout Sessions, or delivering a powerful Keynote Address.

My most popular topics:

  • Slaying Taming the Shame Dragon

  • Cultivating Transformational Positivity

  • Embracing Radical Self-Love

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Upcoming Events:

The Blessings Butterfly will be fluttering her wings in the following places:

  • May 2019- EVOLUTION 2019 Providence, Rhode Island (Get your tickets here)

  • May 2019- Celebrity Cruises- Alaska (private event)

  • July 2019- Charlotte, NC (private event)


Slay Tame Your Shame Dragon Workshops!

Join my mailing list below to get FIRST DIBS on a spot in one of my Slay Tame Your Shame Dragon workshops, where I will be sharing my story live and teaching you some of the hands-on, powerful healing tools that I used to go from broke and broken to thriving and living my BEST life.  You’ll even get a free gift just for joining my mailing list.

Personal Empowerment Teaching:

Does negative self-talk keep you from moving forward? Do you want to experience more of a sense of Lightness and feel less burdened by external chaos? Are you ready to live a more positive life? Discover the power of transformational positivity within you!


Through my heart-felt and holistic teachings, I love to empower womxn just like you every day to:

  • Identify and begin Healing their Soul’s Wounds

  • Discover and Master the tools that support their healing

  • Live with a more Positive Outlook & Increased Confidence

  • Spread Their Wings & Take Huge Leaps of Faith

  • Step Boldly into Living the Life They Love


Join my mailing list below to receive regular updates and weekly inspirational messages from me. I’ve got a free gift for you when you sign up, and you can unsubscribe at any time if it’s just not your jam.


Group Coaching Intensives:

The Soul Healers Circle- a private retreat


The Soul Healers Circle is designed to Encourage, Inspire, and Empower Womxn

to Discover & Embrace their true selves,

Holy, Divine, Beautiful, Strong, Loving, Capable, and Worthy,

so that they can bravely and boldly step forward into

living their best, most fulfilling, life.

My Vision for this private retreat is to work with and support a tribe of globally connected, high-vibe, self-realized womxn who are peeling away layers of bullshit, lies and limiting beliefs. They are healing, and they are Healers. They are supported, and they support one another. Their dreams will no longer be sidelined. Their voices will no longer be silenced. They are taking back their lives and they are reclaiming their birthright as equal co-heirs to all of the goodness they desire.

Join my mailing list below and you will be among the first to know when The Soul Healers Circle private retreat will be offered.


**PLEASE NOTE: I am not a clinical therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist and I can in no way diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Coaching is not a substitute for therapy.

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